Mindcircuit is an innovative recruiting company founded by technology professionals for technology professionals.

Recruitment Management Program (RMP)

Mindcircuit has built a reputation for premium quality recruitment process outsourcing. Our consultative approach fixes complex recruiting problems and delivers sustained performance at substantially lower costs than traditional methods.

RMPs include a suite of services that can be tailored based on program size and specific needs.

  • Initial process consulting
  • Development and/or refinement of job descriptions and profiles
  • Marketing and postings
  • Initial cultural and technical screening
  • Interview coordination
  • Administration of evaluations and/or assessments
  • Offer management
  • Web-based reporting
  • Employee referral program management
  • Vendor coordination
  • Campus recruitment
  • Exit interviews and/or 90-day new hire surveys
  • Executive search
  • Consulting (i.e. sourcing and retention analysis, manager interview workshops)


Mindcircuit Recruitment Management Programs are led by an Engagement Manager and staffed with Search Consultants, Technical Consultants, and Staffing Coordinators. The appropriate number of Search and Technical Consultants is adjustable to accommodate the size of the program.

Single Point of Contact

Key to program success is the Engagement Manager who manages the recruiting team as well as serving as the primary point of contact. The Engagement Manager understands your business as well as the business of recruiting. Also key are the Technical Consultants, who are technology professionals with management experience and broad domain knowledge to quickly become well-versed in each hiring area to significantly improve the recruiting and screening effort.


Each program is overseen by a Client Partner who provides thought leadership, overall governance, and continuous process improvement for recruiting, candidate management, interviewing, compensation, and onboarding.