Mindcircuit is an innovative recruiting company founded by technology professionals for technology professionals.

Bulk Retained Search Team (BRST)

We believe it is often not economically viable to pay full contingent or retained fees for bulk hiring needs. The BRST arrangement provides onsite teams and process expertise at lower costs and lower risk. Typically these programs reduce costs by 20% to over 30% when compared to agency fees. Pricing is determined by the assignment size, duration, and types of positions.

We work with our clients to define key positions and expected timeframes and work all positions on an exclusive retained basis. A fixed retainer is paid up front for each position, then applied to the balance of the fee when the position is filled.

BRST programs are led by an Engagement Manager and staffed with Search Consultants, Technical Consultants, and Staffing Coordinators. Team members are flexibly allocated to BRST programs and team composition can change based on hiring demands.

Extended Search Team

BRST jobs can also be open to the broader Mindcircuit Agency, which means that you could have a search team that is effectively much larger than the BRST team. Regardless of whether the candidate comes from a BRST Search Consultant or an Agency Search Consultant, the Technical Consultants screen all candidates, and the Engagement Manager provides a single point of contact.

Lower Risk, Lower Cost

Clients generally choose BRST programs when they need moderate costs, lower risk, and flexible deployment for spike hiring demands forecasted for 3-9 months.