Mindcircuit is an innovative recruiting company founded by technology professionals for technology professionals.

Peer Screening

Mindcircuit’s goal is to dramatically reduce resume review and interviewing time and avoid costly mis-hires. Our Technical Consultants are technology hiring managers themselves, experienced at interviewing and hiring at multiple levels. We employ deep-probe interviewing methods, asking increasingly challenging questions until the candidate’s depth as been reached. Our interview scripts are standardized but flexible.

Sample Project Manager Interview Questions

How do you scope a project?

How do you handle change requests?

When your clients have questions, do they contact your technical

leads directly or are you always involved?

Discuss a time when a project schedule slipped badly: why did it

happen and what did you do about it?

Do you feel it is necessary to be technical to be a good technical project manager?

Discuss how you have managed conflicts between development and Q/A.

Sample J2EE Developer Interview Questions

  • When would you use a hashtable collection vs an arraylist?
  • Explain when to use the 3 types of JDBC statements?
  • When would you opt for BMP over CMP?
  • How do you handle logging in your applications?
  • Describe the different EJB transaction attributes
  • How is an abstract class different from an interface?
  • How does your app server manage state in a server farm?

Sample Database Developer Interview Questions

  • Explain the difference between inner and outer joins.
  • Are tables always indexed on primary keys?
  • What is a union query?
  • What is referential integrity and why is it important?
  • What is a cursor used for? Describe the syntax for usage.
  • How are views different from temp tables?
  • When do you want to de-normalize?