Mindcircuit is an innovative recruiting company founded by technology professionals for technology professionals.


Mindcircuit is made up of a blend of traditional recruiters paired with top technical professionals in their fields.

Mindcircuit Technical Consultants (TCs) are subject matter experts and former hiring managers who speak your language. They meet with hiring managers and do a deep drill-down on position requirements, working environment, and technologies. The TCs then screen candidates and submit calibration resumes to validate assumptions and adjust the focus of the search team as necessary to ensure success as needs change. A continuous feedback loop ensures process improvement.

The Mindcircuit

The Mindcircuit itself is a peer network of successful technology professionals, gainfully employed and open to new opportunities. The Mindcircuit is also a rich source of candidate referrals.

The combination of traditional recruiting, network-based peeer sourcing and expert screening makes Mindcircuit a compelling choice in a vendor market that consists largely of traditional, non-technical recruiting companies.

With our assistance, Mindcircuit clients have hired Solution Architects, Client Directors, Account Executives, Regional Sales Directors, Software Developers, Quality Engineers and other technology professionals that are reaching higher levels of productivity faster than ever before.