It's Mindcircuit's people that make the difference. Put our network and our knowledge to work for you.

About Us

Simply put, Mindcircuit is a better way to recruit better people. Using a referral network of hundreds of technologists, we find the best people before they ever hit the open job market. We employ technology professionals to work with our clients and screen our candidates. Peer sourcing and peer screening significantly reduces recruiting time, effort, and cost, and ensures that our customers get the right people for critical jobs.

Mindcircuit is a innovative recruiting company, founded in 2005,  that was built for technology organizations. Specifically:

  • Software Companies
  • Professional Service Firms
  • Corporate IT

What makes us different from other agency recruiters?

  • We specialize in recruiting for fields that we have experience and expertise in. Our team of recruiters includes professionals that have previously held positions at both Software and IT Organizations. Our companies Managing Principal not only has 20+ years of IT experience, but also has 10 years of experience as a tech consultant. Our agencies combination of knowledge in the tech industry and recruiting field is the reason why we are able to produce the best candidates for our clients.
  • Our motto at Mindcircuit is quality over quantity. As part of our service we are screening candidates for you and will be presenting the professionals that have the right credentials for the position. We do not oversell our candidates and only submit people that are highly qualified for the position that your company will be exited to speak with.
  • Our company provides our clients with a “sales candidate profile sheet” that allows the candidate to provide more information about their work experience than just whats on a standard resume. For example, a break down of the candidates quota achievement each year is featured on a “sales candidate profile sheet”.
  • Mindcircuit has also applied its unique business model to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), delivering superior recruiting programs at lower costs.